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Apr. 11th, 2009


If not allowed please delete

Im trying to promote a baby sell & trade community where you can sell & trade baby items and items for mommy..its jut starting and Im looking for members. Its members only I screen all posts so people feel rather safe

there is a contest going on!

Jan. 12th, 2009

left my heart on the dancefloor.


(no subject)

Just a maintainer post! I've been a bit busy with doctors and more for the past few days, but in the next couple days I'll be making a giveaway post.

I was also thinking that we might have a recruiting contest. I was thinking how it would work is for every member you recruit you get a point, and every member who you recruit who posts something (something legit that gets mailed) will bring you 2 points. Then, at the end of the contest, whoever has the most points gets a five or ten dollar Walmart giftcard or something of the like.

What do you guys think?

Jan. 8th, 2009



(no subject)

i have a ton of work dress clothes i got in a huge lot off ebay and wont wear. I already tried selling them on ebay twice. so i guess now its time to just put them up for grabs since they wouldnt fit any of my friends should they become pregnant. i have two pairs of liz lange pants size 16, and 6 tops size XL and XXL. if you want the whole lot they will fit nicely in a flat rate box and make it a ton easier for me :-D

i'm in washington and it wont let me tag it with that...

and also i have cats. these have been hanging in my closet so they are RELATIVELY hair free. but not totally.

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Sweet boy


Maternity pants

Hi all. I have two pair of maternity pants that I am not wearing any longer because I've put on just enough weight to make them not fit as well as they used to. They are a size six from Target, a tweed sort of material with a cuff. I believe this is the link to them on Target's website.


Pre-pregnancy I weighed 130 lbs, and I believe I weighed about 135 when I bought these. I now weigh 152, thus the snugness. If anyone is interested, let me know. We are a smoke free home, but there are cats, just in case anyone is allergic.
left my heart on the dancefloor.


First Official Maintainer Post

Welcome to BabySwaps! This community is the brainchild that I hatched, well... this morning and last night. It all started with a little outfit I bought before I knew I was having a girl that suddenly just seemed a little too boyish... and I didn't know what I should do with it. Then, of course, livejournal popped in my head and I decided I should give it away here! But more on that later.

A bit of a small posting guideline not in the rules... I believe the best way to run this community will be that pictures are not required, although we really like them. We also will require that they be placed under a cut tag. (Note to self: edit that into the rules today!)

A good way to deal with the whole shipping thing, I believe, is for commenters to leave their emails in their comments and for posters to either email or private message the chosen recipient. Also, it'd probably be a good idea for recipients to post if they require that items come from a pet or smoke-free home. We don't want to be sending you any potential allergens through the mail. Also, I'm sure some people would like to give locally, so please specify if you'd like to limit recipients to only being in your state. Right now the community is still too small to limit it to cities though, so please keep that in mind. These are all things I'll be editing into the info once I get a chance to word them properly, I'm sure.

Try not to tag anything until I've got some official tags set up, and then once I have a system we can just try to use that. I'm trying to think of the best way to organize things now.

The community layout is not a custom one right now. I don't have the time to do one myself at this moment. If someone wishes to do one for the community, it'd be awesome. If not, I'm sure I'll get around to it.

Please comment with any questions or suggestions you have! Since I just thought of this community myself, I'm sure I've missed a few things that will need to be smoothed over and I'd love some feedback to make this a successful community that pleases the members.

I also ask that if you're joining now, it's going to be small at first, so please, look around your house. If there's something small you don't use that you think someone else might love as you once did that you're willing to pay a couple dollars to ship, please post it. The only way this community will get started is if people post. I myself am going to post that little outfit I mentioned sometime in the next day or so, but I want people to have a reason to join and something to look forward to.

Happy posting!

Edit: A good point was brought to my attention in the first comment. For those of you in the United States who decide to post, please post your state/USA as part of the tag for those looking for people around them. For instance, "Virginia, USA." For those of you in other countries, please just post your country. I think it'll get a little too cluttered tagging every province of every country, as I'm sure there are a few LJ-ers everywhere. At least with the US it'll just be fifty tags. ;)